My Visual Story

“My Visual Story” is International Photography Awards Philippines’ weekly feature about the relevant stories facing the today’s generation as evidenced by contemporary Filipino photographers.


It’s an open call for local and international Filipino photographers who desire to share their experience through their photographs.




IPA Philippines, in its intention to share stories and expose Filipino photographers to a worldwide audience, makes an open call to photographers who wants to get featured on “My Visual Story”. IPA PI looks for original stories that need to be told where IPA PI will help as the abode to shelter these narratives to the worldwide audience.


IPA Philippines is open to accept stories that are personal or social applied with any stylistic tendencies in photography and produced using any type of cameras- from DSRL to cellphone cameras.


If you hold any interesting story to share or knew any photographer that has, you can send your pitch to


Send a minimum of 5 photos with a single subject or subject supported by a one paragraph text with a relevant title. Stories that have been published before will not be assumed.

See these stories as narrated by photographers that come from different genre

ranging from photojournalism, documentary, glamor, travel to Instagram photography