Since its launching in 2015, International Photography Awards Philippines has become a witness to the ever-dynamic visual culture of the Philippines represented through a variety of images captured by Filipino photographers worldwide. These photographers are either professionals or non-professionals who supported the claim to IPA Philippines’ international awards.

Out of the thousands of entries for this year’s awards, we asked our reputable set of jury to choose 30 photographs that they think closely represent Filipino creativity and pride. Since IPA is a worldwide competition, images shot by IPA entrants from around the world were included in the selection.

This year, close to 5,000 entries from Filipino photographers around the world took part in the international awards of IPA Philippines.

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IPA Philippines is a regional branch of the prestigious International Photography Awards, founded by Hossein Farmani under the FarmaniGroup. Labelled as the “Oscars” of photography, IPA salutes photographers and visionaries from all over the world and awards each selected winner to become the Photographer of the Year Awardee in the red carpet event called The Lucie Awards happening at the Carnegie Hall every October.

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Ulan by Lindy Barbosa

A shot of a little girl seemingly playing in the rain.


The Yellow Fan by Bernardino Pablo Testa

Ground zero of Tacloban city in Central Visayas, Philippines where more than 5 thousand people perished after super typhoon Hainan devastated the province in 2013.


Bikolanos’ Devotion to Our Lady of Penafrancia by Arjanmar H. Rebeta

Bikolanos are known for their devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia whom they call INA (Mother). “Considered the biggest and most popular religious event in the Philippines, the Peñafrancia fiesta is in fact a one- week affair that starts on the second Friday of September when the miraculous Ina is transferred from her shrine to the centuries-old Naga Metropolitan Cathedral where a nine-day novena and prayers are held in her honor.”


G1P1 by Angela Rivera

This is the first 5 seconds of life. From here on then, this human being will be living and breathing amongst us. They will never remember any of us but it’s still so amazing for me to see these kinds of things. And to be a part of this exact moment, that is what I live for.


Mother and Child by Annabelle Chavez

“Adele my friend, asked me to shoot her in nude with her baby so she will have a remembrance on how she look like with her first baby”


Children in the Dumpsite by Rene B. Bernal

For a few moments, the awful reality they are living in ceased to exist and was totally forgotten. I told them that the dumpsite was not an appropriate place for play and that they should go find a playground in the park instead. One of the kids shook his head and told me that they are not allowed in the playground because it is only for the wealthy kids. I knew exactly how he felt and where he was coming from because I have been there.


Hunger by Jed Regala

Due to lack of proper nutrition and his body’s inability to absorb essential nutrients, the child can only watch from his window as his peers play and run around without a worry in the world. Without any permanent and sustainable employment, his family could not provide even their daily basic needs.

Tokyo Sunset-4562

Tokyo Sunset-4562 by Carlos L. Esguerra

Image of sun setting in Tokyo.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Interior Floral Wall by Mario Bejagan Cardenas

A young Muslim girl admires the beautiful floral pattern on the wall of the mosque. Photo taken inside the of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.


Illusion by Erwin Go

Photo description not provided by the photographer.


Oh My Butt… by Alden Globo

Photo description not provided by the photographer.


Footloose by Lemuel Jose Lucas

ONE FC Battle of the Lions in Singapore.


Break Time by Rene B. Bernal

An IT engineer by profession and genuinely fond of photography. Loves to shoot human interest, portraits, streets, landscapes and add a bit of drama to the creative process.


Behind the Golden Fence by Rolando Batacan

A rare view of the iconic Burj Al Arab with its silver splendor radiating behind what looks like a golden fence.


Flowers S.1 by Edwin Loyola

Photo description not provided by the photographer.


You Are How You Eat by Ibhar Ezer C. Bunda

“Swallow, Slowly, Copy” This is a photo of people eating Ice cream. Tells a lot about their character. Shot this photo when I was in Asakusa in Japan.


Neverland by Jesed Francis Moreno

Neverland is my interpretation in the folklore saying in our province, that the animals there are pets and guardians of engkantos. The Engkantos treat them as a sacred creature. When someone hurt or capture an animal, you will be cursed and haunted by the engkantos. I used an animal head on a nude female body to show that this creatures are sacred. I create a place for this creature to live in peace where no one can hurt them but also they are the one who guard this land.


Cloud 9 by Jomel Bartolome

A brief glimpse of an OFW’s life while on his rest day.


Disproportion by Alperr Padiernos

Photo description not provided by the photographer.

Philippines' War on Drugs Continue

Blood in the Streets by Ezra Acayan

Drug-related killings continue as President Rodrigo Duterte marks his first year in power. The Philippine National Police has claimed that there have been at least 12,000 killings throughout the country in the past year, 3,000 of which were drug suspects shot dead in police operations. Another 2,000 killings have been confirmed by police to be drug-related while the other 7,000 deaths are still under investigation. Human rights groups have said that many of these killings were carried out by undercover police or state sanctioned death squads. United Nations member states called on the Philippine government to conduct a “thorough” investigation into extrajudicial killings in the country and hold accountable the perpetrators. Duterte won the presidency a year ago by pledging to kill thousands in an all-out war against drugs in a country where drugs and crime are deeply-rooted..


Penitensya by Rolando T. Mesuga

Aside from the Good Friday procession, one of the highlights would be watching men performing “penitensya” as part of their “panata” or “religious vow” which they promised to keep in exchange for an answered prayer.

The Painter

The Painter by Rommel B. Lugada

Photograph of a construction painter on a sunny afternoon while walking away with his paint. Leaving the wall like a canvass, with abstract forms of different lines and casted shadow from the ladder frame. Location: Pasay City, Philippines.


Life At The Bay by Rene B. Bernal

Life at the bay Manila bay is one of the famous spots in the city especially during the golden hour where locals and foreigners come to witness the harbor’s iconic sunset. I went there not really to capture the beauty of the scene but to explore the human condition along the breakwater. I am hopeful that the local government will do something to preserve its true beauty and aid these people.


Policewoman on Philippine Indepence Day by Gian James Maagad

Female police officers carry the flag in preparation for the flag raising ceremony on Philippine Independence day.


Superman by Donell Gumiran

This guy doing the “Superman” dive in a sport called flyboarding, which become popular now all over the world.


Buoyancy by Angelo Fan

Freediving in Apo Reef.


Sound of Music by Macky Sevilla

Carabao on its way on the top of the hill.


Rodeo Mastabeño Festival by Rolando T. Mesuga

The highlight of the event is the rodeo competition itself. Men and women dress up in cowboy outfits to perform stunts like lassoing on foot and on horseback, livestock wrestling, casting down, load carrying, bull riding and whipping, the two-person carambola, and other activities related to the handling of livestock.


Graduation Pic by Philip Am Guay

A kindergarten graduate happily watching photos of their graduation posted by a local photographer.


Working High by Donell Gumiran

I realized that it is not the fear of falling from the heights that concerns them. It is the fear of failing to provide for their families back in their home countries, that keeps them embracing the risk. As high or even higher than the highest tower, my respect goes to these men. You may call them “Spiderman”. I call them “Supermen”!


Chasing Sunsets by Christopher O. Magsino

Majestic view and sunsets in Morraine Lake never dissappoints.